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New Website Launch!

Welcome to the new site!

This is something I’ve been working on for… a while. I really wanted to have a solid spot where I hosted all my content. I went back and forth on how exactly I wanted to do it, though.

I tried a couple different WordPress templates and styles, but ultimately settled on using the Hello Elementor Theme, which is a completely blank slate. I used my Branding Kit guidelines to design the website from scratch.

This took several hours and a lot of coffee, but I eventually got it done! I’m really happy with the result. It wasn’t easy or quick, but few things in life are.

You might realize that I haven’t posted updates on social media for a while. That’s because I’ve been working on something that I’m super excited to reveal but I can’t just yet.

Felix being shy.
As a thanks for reading, here's a shy Felix!

On a personal note, I also wanted to use this announcement to talk a little bit about the future of this studio.

As a studio, I won’t be leading any game jam projects anymore. This is a difficult decision for me, but one I realized is necessary. I’ll still be participating in game jams with friends (such as with Crystal Game Works) but I won’t be leading any more. I also will be completing Franken Tutor.

Now, I have a couple reasons for this:

  • They’re pretty stressful.

Game jams are a lot of work. They take a lot of planning and several, several hours of work. I loved working on all my game jams so far, but it also took a major toll on my free time.

  • I want to focus on bigger projects.

I’m extremely proud of what I’ve managed to do with my game jam projects so far, but I want to do something more. And I can’t do that if I’m crunching every few months on a new game jam.

Like I mentioned before, I will be completing Franken Tutor and will probably participate in a couple game jams as an team member rather than the director.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this post! This mostly was a lot of my ramblings, but I do genuinely mean it when I say that. Consider this a belated New Years update! 💖
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